Friday, October 6, 2017

Should I Start Flipping Houses Or Multifamily?

fixer upperWholesaling real estate is pretty mainstream today. Bear in mind, in the early 90’s it was a revolutionary concept.

“Can you really do that?”

The odd instructor (“guru” wasn’t a term used back then) would try to distinguish themselves by claiming "flipping" was illegal. Then Ron Legrand came along and clued us all in. Not only was it not illegal, it was actually the smarter way to be in real estate.
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Do less, make more, never touch the property.

Fast forward twenty odd years and there is still a little skepticism around flipping houses. Can you really do it? Where do you find the deals?

Then as now, wholesaling real estate is misunderstood. It is as viable as ever, and the opportunity is sitting there, waiting for whoever wants to come and do it. (more…)

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Real Estate Cashflow From Value-Add Multifamily

If you are looking for solid, stable, consistent cashflow from real estate, multifamily value-add opportunities provide the biggest bang for the buck you are likely to find anywhere on the real estate investing landscape.

tunrkey single familyWhen thinking of cashflow from real estate though, “turn-key” single-family properties may come to mind. These are expertly promoted packages for the ‘retail’ investor, and do indeed provide good returns. The single-family home is very simple to understand, and the investment returns not hard to know.

As Chris Clothier of MemphisInvest notes in his article, 6 Pieces of Expert Advice on Single-Family Rental Properties:

In real estate investment, there are a lot of variables. Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re making the right decisions for your financial future. It can all seem uncertain when you don’t know if you’re picking the right properties or the right markets. When it comes to investing in single-family properties, you can rest easy in this: you can always trust the numbers.

Unlike gut feelings and even logical rationale, the numbers always speak for themselves. At the end of the day, you always ask yourself whether or not a deal makes financial sense. Will this property yield the positive cash flow to make it worth it? How much wiggle room is there?   Read full article here


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Monday, October 2, 2017

Real Estate Cashflow Without The Real Estate

If you like the idea of owning real estate and generating cashflow from tenants occupying that real estate, then advancing technology has just made things a whole lot more interesting for you.

Thanks to the quantum leap in information sharing made possible by the internet, the sharing economy has sprung up. First with for airline seats, but now with AirBnB for individual rooms, apartments, and houses.

You may have though this was a “neat” way for property owners to make a bit more money on vacant units and spare rooms, but it is much more than that.

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 If you have been in the house flipping business, buying houses “subject-to” and selling on lease-option, AirBnB has made it possible for you to remove 99% of the hassle and magnify the cashflow.

Brian Page has shown how to create a virtual real estate cashflow business that can get into the six figure range inside a year, using AirBnB to fill other people’s properties.
"After personally experiencing the spectacular real estate crash of the mid 2000’s, Brian Page set out to find a NEW way to earn income from real estate. Starting over, he launched a profitable Airbnb business without debt, mortgages, or even owning his own properties. He earned over six figures in his first six months using Airbnb™ and over $300k his first year."
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AirBnB is, to say the least a disruptive technology. And it is the hotel industry being  disrupted here. But as Clayton Christensen showed in the Innovators Dilemma, it is when industry incumbents become so successful they start serving their own interests over the interests of their customers, either by complacency or the evolution of their industry, disruption of the industry is ripe to happen.
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Think Blockbuster Video (and their late fees) being disrupted by Netflix. More choice, more convenience, less cost.

The same is happening with the hotel industry and AirBnB. There is incredible over capacity with vacant units and spare rooms, and individual owners have the flexibility to make arrangements with occupants on a “makes sense”, win/win basis, often bypassing stringent rules and procedures hotels insist on, at a lower price.

Dollar for dollar, the value received for the renter of living in someone’s home for a short period beats the hotel experience 9 time out of 10.

Plus, the economics of renting by the day rather than by the month put monthly cashflow through the roof.

All of the marketing, negotiating, creative financing and business management chops you acquired and a real estate entrepreneur can now be put into and AirBnB rental business to create a highly automated, low risk, cashflow business.

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

We Buy Houses Indianapolis | CALL (317) 296-7164 | Sell My House Fast

We Buy Houses Indianapolis | CALL (317) 296-7164 | Sell My House Fast

If you want to sell your house quickly in Indianapolis, we buy houses for cash, and we can buy your house, closing in as little as four days. We are Local Cash Buyers. Call (317) 296-7164. If you are having trouble paying your mortgage, or are already in foreclosure, if you are in divorce and need to sell your house, if you have tax liens, judgements, or you are relocating and have a deadline, we are buying in Indianapolis, and can buy your house today. We buy houses in any condition, we will take over the property “as is” and relieve you of the burden of property ownership. When you call you will receive fast, friendly service from us, with a Can-Do problem-solving attitude. We have a lot of experience buying houses and many resources we can bring to bear to give you a quick sale and an “out” from your current situation. We understand you don’t have six months to wait for a buyer. We also understand you may not have the funds to bring the house up to top condition. That is no problem, and you don’t need to stress. When you call we will get information from you about your house and your situation. We’ll do our market research and determine what we can offer, and will formulate a number of choices, so YOU can decide what is the right offer “for you”. There is never any obligation when you call. We’ll give you a quick sale, at a fair price, with no hassle. Call (317) 296-7164 today. We look forward to helping you. ----------------------------- sell my house fast Indianapolis cash for houses Indianapolis sell house fast indianapolis we buy houses for cash Indianapolis sell my house indianapolis buy my house Indianapolis home buyers indianapolis

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Hidden Profits Renovating Fixer Upper Houses

Hidden Profits Renovating Fixer Upper Houses

Making fixer upper houses look and feel brand new again, so they appraise for top retail value and sell to a first time home buyer, is a reliable way to exit the rat race and take control of your financial future. Depending on where you live and what market prices are like, high dollar or low dollar, each fixer upper house you renovate will result in at least $20,000 every 3 months. This is for houses in a low dollar market, say in St Louis. In Los Angeles this number will be more like $100,000 per deal. Five fixer upper houses per year will put you in the top 1% income bracket.. Learn this simple business, and "always" have money, the rest of your life.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Create YOUR Fixer Upper Success Story –

Create YOUR Fixer Upper Success Story –

Create YOUR fixer upper success story. Click Here: Everywhere you look, tv shows about fixer uppers, rehabbing houses, flipping houses. Let’s not forget this began a few decades ago with a couple of books that popularized the basic concept of buying a house needing repairs that was in a decent area, making repairs, and selling it to a first time home buyer. The books led to seminar presenters and their courses, and the practice of rehabbing houses for a five or six figure profit made its way into the mainstream. As a business opportunity, buying a fixer upper, rehabbing it, and selling it retail has become one of the most reliable ways of escaping the rat race and and building a significant net worth for you and your family. But the tv shows. You have these quirky personalities renovating houses for clients. It’s great viewing, and fun to watch. Let’s not forget though, the fixer upper came into the popular consciousness as a way for the individual to make great money, leap-frog out of the rat race, and do good in the local community at the same time. Every time you see the a tv show about rehabbing a fixer house, remember, it’s YOU that can be doing it, making great money, and helping make the world a better place. Get started doing YOUR first fixer upper. Go to

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Create Your Own Fixer Upper

Since William Nickerson wrote his famous book, "How I Turned $1,000 Into a Million in Real Estate -- in My Spare Time" in the mid ‘60’s, the fixer upper had been a reliable way to escape the treadmill of employment income and move into wealth building.

The formula is simple. Find an ugly house that, due to it’s distressed condition is ignored by the market, and lacking demand is available at a low price. Make the necessary repairs to renovate the property, then resell to a homeowner at top retail price, pocketing the marked up value as your profit.

The secret lies in a little realized fact. That is, $1 of repairs and renovations creates $10+ of retail market value. And owner occupant home buyers don’t want to do the work!

In today’s world of cable and streaming TV, shows about fixing houses, transforming sad, neglected looking houses into grand spectacular new homes proliferate. “Fixer Upper”, “Property Brothers”, “Flipping Out”, “Rehab Addict”, to name just a few.

These shows are fun to watch, but you may not realize that it is quite possible for you to do this too. You do not need a degree in design, or a contractor license.

The only requirements are a bit of working knowledge, and a ‘take action’ mindset. Everything else needed to do deals can be acquired along the way.

How about start your journey today? The concept is simple, and once you learn the basics, earning six figures your first year is not uncommon … if you work at it.